Kyriake is the third largest moon in orbit around the gas giant Delta Pavonis IV.

The moon is home to a handful of small settlements, including a research station owned by the Vesta Corporation, VCS-07. Its oldest and largest settlement is the mining colony Mercy. The total population numbers several thousand, though this rapidly fluctuates due to changing contracts and transfers.

The surface is rocky, cold, and generally not a hospitable place, although some long-term residents (mostly miners) have remarked on starkly beautiful vistas under a bright, clear sky, with the round, glowing gas giant looming large above.


Though historically quite cold, the moon has warmed up due to the star’s recent expansion, creating pockets of liquid water and releasing trace gases to create a minimal atmosphere. The planetoid remains largely covered in massive sheets of ice, but these are slowly melting on a geological timescale. The moon orbits its gas giant parent pretty closely, and as a result is bombarded by somewhat heavy radiation.

Targeted in 2257 for Class 3 terraforming (minimal adaptation, requiring artificial ecological support), the Kyriake was primarily intended to support mining efforts surrounding its valuable mineral deposits.

Long-term health effects can be suppressed by routine medical treatments, and inhabitants should be careful to manage exposure to open air in order to avoid problematic short-term symptoms.


The moon was believed to have originated in the nearby Coreanid Belt, only to be captured by the gas giant when its gravitational pull disrupted planetary formation in that orbital radius.


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