Apostolic Church

In 2191, leaders of the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches gathered together and issued In Unum Caritas Christi, a joint declaration of unity that ended the Great Schism which had begun more than a thousand years prior. As matters of doctrine were worked out and other smaller churches joined the effort, the resulting religious community came to be known informally as the Apostolic Church.

The Apostolic Church is perhaps the largest single religious institution in the developed core colonies, though in many developing colonies the Mahayana Movement is more common and Neo-Sufism is the dominant religious affiliation in the Delta Pavonis system.

In the colonies the Apostolic Church is best known for its charitable aid organizations, and for its many active military chaplains.


Some suggested aspects for characters associated with the Apostolic Church:

Saint Michael, Defend Us In Battle – You have a small silver medal passed down to you from your grandmother, bearing the image of the archangel Michael, and the traditional prayer she taught you has seen you through more than a few tight spots. This token of your family and faith bolsters your morale in the face of temptation and fear, and seems to bless you with no small amount of luck. Unfortunately, it can also at times be something of a crutch, and you would risk much to prevent its loss or damage.

Active Duty Chaplain – You are an ordained priest or avowed religious who is also on active duty with a military unit. Your primary duties are the moral and spiritual support of other front-line soldiers, though it isn’t uncommon that you might be drawn into combat situations. Most people respect your position whether they share your views or not, but you must frequently face an internal conflict between your idealism and the realities of war.

Martyr’s Complex – Since childhood you have gone out of your way to help those in need, even at the cost of your own interests. As an adult your mercy and compassion are rare qualities, but you are a little too willing to place the welfare of others over yourself. You easily accept burdens, have given away much of your time and money, and are likely to sacrifice yourself for the greater good.

Apostolic Church

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