Nanotechnology deals with materials and machines at a molecular and atomic scale. Though it has a wide variety of applications in industry, medicine, science, and warfare, the most dramatic impact on daily life comes from nanotechnological human augmentation. Nanites, microscopic machines, can be implanted in the human body to either autonomously perform tasks or create substances that integrate with the human tissues and organs.


Some suggested aspects for characters with nanotechnology augmentation:

Artificial Immuno-Supplement – These medical nanites float through the blood and bone marrow, assisting the body’s natural defenses and suppressing symptoms of illness.

Dermal Nanoplastic Seal – A simple, flexible nanoweave is embedded in the user’s skin that is resistant to chemical irritants and physical damage.

Sensory Enhancement – These nanomachines attach themselves to the sensory organs and neural tissues and attempt to repair any damage or disruption.

Wireless Neural Interface – These nanomachines attach themselves to the language centers of the brain and allow the user to wirelessly connect to information and communication networks around them.


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