Cybernetic human augmentation involves connecting mechanical and electronic systems to biological organisms. Though originally limited to simple prosthetic replacements for lost limbs and organs, cybertech augmentation of humans has progressed to the point of extending human ability and potential. Cybertech augmentation can make people smarter, faster, stronger, and even go beyond the limits of the human body.


Some suggested aspects for characters with cybernetic augmentation:

Awakening-series Analytic Processor – The Analytic Processor allows the owner to utilize machine efficiency for mental tasks that involve calculation and examination of raw data, with a direct mental link eliminating the need for a cumbersome user interface.

Oracle-series Perception Filter – Attached to nerve clusters in the existing senses, the Perception Filter uses heuristic algorithms to filter out unimportant sensory data and allow the brain to devote more attention to things of note.

Impulse-series Artificial Musculature – An array of skeletal reinforcement and embedded carbon-fiber weave, Artificial Musculature acts as a multiplier of physical strength.

Harmony-series Neural-adrenal Accelerator – A series of implants in and around endocrine glands and nerve clusters responsible for muscle control, the Neural-adrenal Accelerator allows for a more rapid and precise movement.

Immortal-series Cardio-metabolic Regulator – The Cardio-metabolic Regulator controls the hormonal levels and stabilizes the activity of vital organs such as the heart and lungs, allowing physical activity to be sustained over longer periods and through harsher conditions.

Logos-series Hormonal Inhibitor – The Hormonal Inhibitor minimizes emotional and instinctive reactions and allows the brain to operate with clarity and reason.

Titan-series Subdermal Fortification – Layers of carbon-fiber mesh and flexible ballistic plating protect joints, vital organs, and other sensitive areas of the body.

Caduceus-series Biomonitor – A Biomonitor is an advanced implant that monitors vital signs, blood chemistry, and other indicators of health. It also has small doses of painkillers, antibiotics, and various treatments that can assist in stabilizing wounds.

Arc-series Stun Module – The Stun Module is intended to be a personal defense tool. When activated it releases an electrical charge through probes mounted in the hands and forearms.

Sibylline-series Multispectral Imager – The Multispectral Imager replaces one or both eyes, and processes a wide range or stimuli beyond the normal visual spectrum.

Stinger-series Concealable Blade – Consisting of one or more blades embedded underneath the skin and specially mounted to the bearer’s body, the Concealable Blade is a hidden weapon that can be reflexively extended from the bearer’s body.

Aegis-series Hardening Module – The Hardening Module is useful protection for those who expect themselves or their cybernetic implants to be compromised or stressed, such as under battlefield conditions.


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