Biological engineering is applied to human augmentation primarily through embryonic screening and genetic therapy. Though overt, dramatic manipulation of the human genome is both difficult and illegal, the science of manipulating hormonal, metabolic, and similar chemical processes has become highly refined and led to significant increases in the quality and length of human life. Relatively minor genetic enhancements that reduce the risk of disease and other biological disadvantages are quite common, but there are also more dramatic improvements available – often skirting the edges of legal genetic research.


Some suggested aspects for characters with biological or genetic augmentation:

Angiogenetic Vigor – Your heart and blood vessels are designed to function at peak efficiency under stress.

Healing Factor – Your body quickly begins to heal thanks to a hypersensitivity to growth factors such as somatropin and enhanced thrombocytes.

Adaptive Immune System – Your body produces high quantities of leukocytes, phagocytes, and antibodies that efficiently resist and adapt to disease and infection.

Toxin Resistance – With chemically resistant myelin and respiratory discriminants, you are naturally resistant to toxins, poisons, and similar harmful materials.

Respiratory Enhancement – The alveoli in your lungs are saturated with high concentrations of haemoglobin, enabling you to breathe more slowly, hold your breath longer, and resist the effects of suffocation and oxygen deprivation.

Clinical Immortality – Thanks to telomeric sequencing and other medical therapies, you age at a fraction of the normal rate. You are much older than you look and have a wealth of knowledge and personal experience.

Neurosensory Acuity – The nerves and portions of your brain dedicated to processing sensory data have been stimulated to overdevelop, making you much more sensitive to the environment around you.


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