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    p=. _"On this day I will descend to the underworld. Who has ever ascended unscathed?"_ ~- _The Descent of Inanna_, ancient Mesopotamian legend~ --- table{width: 100%; text-align:center;}. |_{width:33%}. People|_{width:33%}. Places|_{width:33%}. …

  • Organizations

    table{width: 100%; text-align:center;}. |_{width:33%}. Government|_{width:33%}. Corporate|_{width:33%}. Private| |[[Federal Commonwealth]]|[[Vesta Corporation]]|[[Apostolic Church]]| |[[33rd Silver Devils]]|[[Council of Commercial Standards]]|[[Layeva …

  • Technology

    table{width: 100%; text-align:center;}. |_{width:33%}. Augmentation|_{width:33%}. Equipment|_{width:33%}. Machines| |[[Nanotech]]|[[Weaponry]]|[[Spacecraft]]| |[[Cybertech]]|[[Defense]]|[[Vehicles]]| |[[Biotech]]|[[Utility]]|[[Synthetics]]|

  • Weaponry

    table{width: 100%; text-align:center;}. |_{width:33%}. Conventional|_{width:33%}. Explosive|_{width:33%}. Exotic| |[[Melee]]|[[Incinerators]]|[[Electromagnetic]]| |[[Sidearms]]|[[Compounds]]|[[Concussion]]| |[[Longarms]]|[[Grenades]]|[[Biochemical]]| …

  • Planetary

    Continents, regions, settlements, and other locations on a planetary scale. [[VCS-07]] [[Mercy]]

  • Stellar

    Stars, planets, moons, and other locations on a stellar scale. [[Kyriake]] [[Delta Pavonis IV]] [[Coreanid Belt]] [[Piscium II]]

  • Local

    Specific sites, buildings, rooms, and other locations on a local scale. [[Tacoma Riley's Bar and Grill]]

  • Skill List

    table{width:100%;}. |_.Skill|_.Description| |*[[Athletics]]*|Physical speed, agility, and coordination.| |*[[Computers]]*|Ability to hack and manipulate complex databases, networks, and programs.| |*[[Contacts]]*|Acquaintances and associates who can …

  • Character Creation

    Character creation for In Darkness follows the normal rules for Fate Core. An outline is provided below - see the "SRD":http://fate-srd.com/fate-core/character-creation for more detailed descriptions. --- # Character Idea ## Aspects: Come up with …

  • Stunt List

    Below is an index of example stunts for In Darkness. As normal in Fate Core, players may use existing stunts or invent new ones for their characters. --- h1. Types of Stunts The most common stunts give a moderate (+2) bonus to rolls under a …

  • Cultures

    p=. [[Loyalists]] [[Corporatists]] [[Transhumans]] [[Synthetics]] [[Criminals]] Human cultures have diversified due to the relative isolation created by the vast distances of interstellar space, but many fit within a handful of archetypes. The …