Trevor Inghram

Owner of Tacoma Riley's Bar and Grill



Earth-born Entrepreneur – Trevor was born back on Earth and knows a bit about travelling the stars and making it on his own. He doesn’t think much of corporate lackeys, but he does respect the government… if not always the law.

Cybernetic Arm Prosthetic – Trevor has a cybernetic left arm which while powerful, is a primitive model prone to malfunctions and clumsiness. He can frequently be overheard cursing at it vehemently.

Tacoma Riley’s Is My Home And My Fortress – Trevor has tremendous financial and emotional investment in the establishment he owns and runs. He doesn’t tolerate troublesome patrons, and would defend it with his last breath.

Brewmaster – Trevor knows alcohol well. He knows how to make it, and he knows how to drink it (sometimes to excess), and he has strong opinions about both.


Born in the North Atlantic Alliance on Earth, Trevor’s family and friends were killed when his hometown was accidentally exposed to an deadly industrial nanovirus – he lost his left arm in the incident, which has now been replaced with a cybernetic prosthetic.

Trevor took a job with the Vesta Corporation after his recovery, and requested assignment off-world. He ended up working as a miner for almost a decade on Kyriake. Eventually, between his savings and the out-of-court settlement with the company responsible for his accident, he had enough money to rent some space at the VCS-07 facility and open up Tacoma Riley’s Bar and Grill, which quickly became one of the most successful privately owned enterprises on the base.

Trevor Inghram

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