A game of guns, grit, and alien terrors.

Sci-fi action/horror powered by Fate Core

The year is 2346.

Already masters of biological engineering, human augmentation, and other technologies that have made life easier on Earth, Mankind has begun to test the limits of faster-than-light and terraforming technology, in order to stretch forth its hand through the vast darkness toward the flicker of ancient stars.

Contact has been lost with the corporate research facility VCS-07 located on the moon Kyriake, in close orbit around the gas giant Delta Pavonis IV.

The last transmission was an automated alert from the facility’s AI indicating a containment breach and loss of life in the high security isolation labs.

The status of over 500 human and synthetic staff… is unknown.

Two months ago, the Colonial Authority of the Federal Commonwealth authorized a request from the Vesta Corporation’s Security Directorate to deploy federal troops to the site to restore communications with the research staff and stabilize any potential threat to the integrity of the facility. The vice admiral of Delta Pavonis Fleet Command dispatched the nearby FNcv Nemesis, a Styx-class corvette designed for rapid response. On board was Section 5 of the 33rd Silver Devils marine company, as well as representatives of Vesta Corp and accompanying scientific specialists.

At 0200 hours Terran Standard Time, the vessel entered the moon’s orbital space and awoke its passengers from stasis

In Darkness

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