The Styx-class corvette is designed to provide rapid deployment of firepower and manpower in small-scale system engagements. Such vessels are frequently attached to units headed by a large capital ship such as a cruiser that acts as the base of operations for the entire company.

Soldiers often joke that the class is named “Styx” because it hastens them on their way to the afterlife.

High Concept Rapid Deployment Transport: The Styx-class corvette is fast and maneuverable, designed to excel at troop deployment and orbital support in small-scale engagements.
Ratings Average (1) Hull, Good (3) Systems, Great (4) Engines, Fair (1) Weapons
Stunts Precise Targeting: May use Systems in place of Weapons when targeting a stationary object.
Casaba Cannon: May add +2 to attacks during orbital bombardment.


The Styx-class is quick and maneuverable at both FTL and sublight speeds. Commanders frequently use the class for rapid response and support, transporting single platoons ahead of larger forces and providing limited but necessary orbital support with its dropships, single Casaba Cannon, and set of light particle cannons. The Styx-class does not use warheads or ammunition-based weaponry in order to conserve space and mass.

Because it sees regular use as a troop transport, the Styx-class does have a number of stasis units capable of housing both the flight crew as well as a unit of marines or other passengers.


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