Mercy is the original and largest settlement on the moon Kyriake.

Originally founded by miners, the small town now houses a permanent population of almost two thousand (usually with several hundred transitory workers and travelers at any given time). It is also notable for running the largest fields of self-contained hydroponic gardens and greenhouses on the moon, and regularly supplies shipments of food to other settlements (though much of the moon’s consumables are still imported from off-world).


Mercy is built around a central, open-air concourse surrounded by atmospheric processors and filled with some minimal landscaping designed to emulate a Terran park. Surrounding that are several freestanding structures, including three hab-spires that house the majority of the settlement’s population. Mercy’s mining and agricultural operations are located several kilometers to the east and north, respectively.

Mercy’s markets, transportation hub, and open-air park are the largest on Kyriake.


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