33rd Silver Devils

The 33rd Silver Devils are a marine company serving under Delta Pavonis Fleet Command. They are currently on light security duty assigned to the settled moons of Delta Pavonis IV and the mining operations in the nearby Coreanid Belt.


Their flagship is the FNcr Fisher King, a Marquis-class cruiser currently orbiting the developed agricultural moon Vitoria. They also retain an Immortal-class frigate and three Styx-class corvettes. Aboard these ships are retinues of dropships, gunships, armored vehicles, drones, and combat-grade nanocolonies.

The unit is currently at full strength and is composed of 12 sections – roughly 140 combat-ready marines in addition to an almost equal number of support staff and specialists. These are accompanied by six teams of combat synthetics, putting the total force at roughly 300 personnel.

They are equipped with the standard armaments provided by Federal Arms, including A-series combat rifles, T-series shotguns, I-series incinerators, and a variety of explosives and sidearms. In addition to individualized augments and genetic enhancements, every marine is equipped with an uplink device to facilitate coordination and tracking.


Some suggested aspects for characters associated with the 33rd Silver Devils:

Oorah To Ashes! – The Devils are a rough and tumble unit that have seen heavy action and heavier casualties in their service history. You have proudly inherited that history, or it has been beaten into your thick skull through extensive training and conditioning. You are first in and last out of the action, laugh in the face of death, and never leave a fellow marine behind.

Scarred For Life – On a particularly horrific engagement, you saw most of your unit killed in some gruesome way that the human mind was not meant to witness. You haven’t known any life outside of the military, so after a short recovery period you requested redeployment to another active duty unit. You may have fooled the psych eval, but your fellow soldiers can sense your mental unrest in the quiet, nervous way your handle yourself – some are sympathetic, while others may not trust you at their back.

Rookie Deployment – This is 38 drops for you… simulated. You aren’t long out of basic training and haven’t seen any real combat. You might be a little unsure of yourself and more likely to make mistakes under pressure, but you hide it well under exaggerated bravado. Other marines in your unit also have something of a soft spot for you… after all, nobody wants to see you bite it on your first engagement.

33rd Silver Devils

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